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The Color Of Poker Money

"What's that father?" a little boy once asked his father. "Can I play with them?" The father replied, "No, son, it is not a toy! It is money, my boy!" The boy hurried off to play outside, though, wondering why his father considered those colorful chips as money. Most children in America grew up with different kinds of colored chips. This colored chips represents money in the casinos. For example, a player who wants to play poker has to buy some chips to be used when betting. And because ........ Read More

Free Poker Money Offers Are For Real

Online poker is all the rage these days and you can get started without the risk of losing and money! Before you ever get started you can take advantage of free poker money offers that are out there and are becoming more common all the time. The brick and mortar poker rooms that you may have played in before offer many free items such as drinks, dinner, and even hotel rooms, but this isn’t possible when you are playing online. Instead, the card rooms wants you to come and check out what th........ Read More

Earning Money As A Poker Affiliate: Rewarding Patience

The cleverest thing about becoming an online poker affiliate is the way in which your earnings can spread and increase over time. Unlike in most industries where you may get a one of payment or percentage of a single transaction, in the online poker industry the affiliate can receive a percentage of a player's lifetime money. Estimates suggest that the average poker player lasts around 6 months on a site, but depending on the people you can attract the amount of money generated in whatever lifet........ Read More

Poker :: Making Money In The Long Run.

In poker , many people will win and lose at random. although this is the basic law of gambling or any game for that matter. Will you be the one to win or lose, that is the question. How much money will you win in this game verse the money you will win in the next game. Of course I did say that, "many" people will lose and win at random. Others, The Ones who are considered the experts, never lose. Of course if you look at how some beginners play, for example me when I first started, and see a mi........ Read More

Play Money Poker Vs Real Money Poker

In this article on poker, I’m going to talk about people who enjoy playing poker at online poker websites, but who like to play for play money and some of the reasons they want to do so. I play a lot of online poker. I play for real money, but also play poker for play money at a few different online poker websites. Playing Texas Holdem Poker is fun regardless of the money on the line or lack of it. Whenever you go into any of the poker rooms, there are always people there who believe they ar........ Read More

Online Poker: Is It Worth Your Money?

With the advent of information technology, everything seems to be online these days. From newspapers to card games, nothing can beat the convenience online interactivity could bring. Yes, you have heard it right. Even card games are now being exposed electronically through online gaming. And one of the most popular online card games is the online poker. Online poker is a poker game played over the Internet (of course!). The dawn of a new era for playing poker in the Web has brought vast ........ Read More

Want Extra Money? Be A Paradise Poker Affiliate!

Let your website work for you Earn money as a paradise poker affiliate. The current state of affairs in the internet allows people to earn money, part time or full time. There is no end to the creative use of online marketing resources available. Internet marketers use different marketing strategies to promote their products and services. If you have a website, you can latch on to their promotional gambits and get a slice of the virtual pie. Here is one tip, be a paradise poker affiliate. ........ Read More

Winning Poker System: Using Play Money Games To Practice

If you heard about this and you are not quite sure what it means, then you have to know first that these kinds of games are the exact opposite of their title. Play money games are games where players actually fake playing for real money. Instead of money they have fake chips that are used to stimulate a real money poker games. The top purpose of these games is entertainment, but there is also an ulterior purpose, and that is initiating beginners in the world of internet poker. You can find all........ Read More

Cheap Poker Chips: Getting The Most For Your Money

So you have decided that you want to buy a new set of poker chips but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, what you really need are cheap poker chips. There are two types of cheap poker chips – cheap in quality and cheap in price. Let’s talk about what the difference is, because you really can get a decent quality poker chip for not a lot of money, if you are careful with your purchase. If you can go into your local drugstore or discount store and buy poker chips, they are probably c........ Read More

Making Money As A Poker Player

When a common person that never entered the world of true poker thinks of it, the last thoughts that will pass through his mind will be strategies and discipline. Common persons see poker as a game for the rich, cigars smoking and pool sitting men, that have nothing else to do with their money. The concept couldn’t be more misunderstood than it usually is. The truth is that when talking of poker, online or offline, people think of it as a common casino game, like the roulette or blackjack. The........ Read More

Short Money Poker Players

Every time a poker player sits down to play the cash game, whether it is in a Las Vegas casino, at home, or at an online poker room, a decision must be made on how much money or chips they want to bring to the table. Most card rooms will have a minimum buy-in amount, and certain games might have a maximum. When players decide to purchase the minimum, or only a small amount of chips (nicknamed 'short money'), it is considered to be an indication of weakness and a 'tell' on the players ability or ........ Read More

Poker Chips: The Color Of Money

They may not look like one, but they certainly represent money. They may seem like good old plastic chips designed to be used as toys for children, but they really worth millions. That is what poker chips are all about. They may appear synthetic or even look dazzling with the different colors, but the main idea of the item is that they are actually money. In a casino, these brightly colored chips are actually illustrative representation of money, each having its own distinctive amount. Gener........ Read More


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Poker Poker Deception Money Poker Poker Tournament
Poker Strategy Texas Holdem Poker Online Poker Slang
Poker Advantage Play Holdem High Roller

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